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Yes you can, use a 4 in 1 tool to remove the pad. You might need a little varsol or paint thinner to remove the left over adhesive, then simply peel the backing off the new pad and stick. The pads should be replaced at least once a year depending on use. This will prevent the can from shaking free and making a mess.

It’s not terribly hard. You’ll need a punch to punch out the 1/8 drift pin from the handle and then screw the knob and screw off. Once that is done a slot screw driver will remove the E-clips around the camera, slide the assembly up and un screw the clamp plates. Put new L&R tightening screw in and do the order of operations in reverse.

In Canada we accept E-transfers, wire transfers, cash, cheque and all major credit cards. Outside of Canada we can accept wire payments and Visa/Mastercard.

n order to ship just the shaking mechanism back to us you’ll need to unplug the shaker. Lay the shaker on its back, (you may want to put a block of wood by the cord so that it doesn’t crush the cord and cause further damage). Take the bottom cover off and remove the belt from the small pulley on the motor. Have the handle facing your waist, remove the six bolts from the front main casting. Rotate the shaker head clockwise as far as possible. Tip the main casting, lifting the top left corner. When the silver connecting rod clears the cavit, start to pull the mechanism up and towards you. The large pulley will tip up to the left and come out of the cavity before the middle left bolt tab. To put it back in, do the reverse. Rotate the repaired head clockwise, tilt the mechanism down to the right, putting the pulley in the cavity first. Make sure the v-belt doesn’t get pinched going in.

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